Rafał Zasuń dla "The Washington Post"

Rafał Zasuń dla "The Washington Post"

Redaktor naczelny WysokieNapiecie.pl tłumaczył czytelnikom jednego z najbardziej opiniotwórczych dzienników świata znaczenie górnictwa w polskiej polityce.

Podczas trwającego w Katowicach Szczytu klimatycznego ONZ The Washington Post przywoływał wypowiedzi naszego redakcyjnego kolegi:

Rafal Zasun is the founder and editor in chief of High Voltage, a news site dedicated to tracking Poland’s energy sector. He remembers when he was a boy, his teachers on Saint Barbara’s Day, Dec. 4, would ask the children to recite the reasons coal was so important to Poland.

“Miners were gods,” he said.

And he respects the tradition, too. “People who say we can just quit coal overnight are not realists. It took 30 years to transition in Britain. It will take the same in Germany. In Poland, this should be done gradually, with support from the European Union.”

He said Poland is an industrial nation that should be at the cutting edge of technology. “We have skilled and dynamic engineers, managers, technologists, a young generation who has no emotion about coal. They see a smoke stack; they don’t see power. They see asthma. They see greenhouse gases.”

He said, “There’s an awareness of climate change, yes. But Poles don’t want to pay for it yet.”

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