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Indexed offer: wholesale prices of electricity for companies

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Prices for electricity for companies often exert substantial influence on the profitability of pursued business activity. Check the annual electricity consumption of your enterprise. If it exceeds 200 MWh – you may purchase of energy at wholesale prices. Check what an indexed offer is and how much you can save.
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If you run a business – also one that only seasonally records a higher demand for electricity – consider buying it at wholesale

When you pursue business activity – including the one that only seasonally has larger demand for electricity – consider purchase it at wholesale prices. Take advantage of an indexed offer from Energa Obrót. It allows for purchase of electricity volume at prices defined on the basis of the current quotations at the Polish Power Exchange (Towarowa Giełda Energii  – TGE). Electricity purchased in this way for a company may be a factor that positively impacts profitability of your business. Electricity is the cost component that exert huge impact on pursued activity.

Is electricity for companies more expensive?

Growing prices of products and services prove that price of electricity for companies exert impact on prices in shops. Large enterprises are often negatively hit by the growth of electricity prices for companies.

Seasonal consumption of electricity

Demand for electricity usually increases in winter (the peak of heating season) and in summer (the peak of cooling season), and it decreases in spring and autumn. Prices for energy fluctuate along with this seasonal demand. In standard market conditions the changes in market cycle are gradual. Prices for electricity for a company usually change in a scope that may be predicted. However, a lot of various factors impact the market, such as the extreme weather or geopolitical events. The list of these factors is very long, and that is why knowledge of available opportunities is important, as well as the selection of a seller who may offer reliable service and good counselling.

Indexed offer: at whom it is addressed

The indexed offer of the company Energa Obrót is addressed at these companies whose annual electricity consumption exceeds 200 MWh. When deciding to use an indexed offer, an enterprise has an option to purchase a tranche of electricity for prices that take into account market prices. It means that in case of a drop in market prices an enterprise may purchase electricity at lower prices. Indexation consists in current update of prices in reference to the prices quoted at TGE. An entrepreneur decides about the moment of purchasing electricity, and all these actions are performed using a modern platform for servicing of indexed offers.

An indexed offer is attractive for such companies that: 

  • want to adjust the volume of purchase to their own needs at a given moment;
  • want to have complete control of the costs of purchase of electricity, in order to take them into consideration in a precise way in a future budget;
  • want to have a possibility to prevent unexpected increase in costs of energy that exert adverse impact on profitability of their business.

When selecting an indexed offer you may decide independently when, at what price and which part of the contracted volume you wish to purchase. Purchase can be made on a one-off basis or in tranches (annually, quarterly or monthly). It may allow you to save at the time when prices for purchase of electricity drop at the Polish Power Exchange.  This is when you can buy energy for a lower price.

Independent purchase using the Indexed Offers Platform

The Indexed Offers Platform (Platforma Ofert Indeksowanych – POI) is a modern tool aimed for business clients. It allows to manage purchase of electricity, property rights based on the quotations of the Futures Market and the Day-Ahead Market at the Polish Power Exchange (TGE). When using POI clients obtain a possibility to calculate the price for conventional energy and the final price, taking into account their own profile of consumption and current prices available at TGE for annual, quarterly and monthly products.

The Indexed Offers Platform POI gives clients access to a lot of useful information:

  • quantity of purchased electricity,
  • volume left for purchase,
  • settlement price for the respective periods,
  • current price trends.

Moreover, clients  have a possibility of purchase automation, owing to alerts and price notifications available on POI. The advantages of use of the Indexed Offers Platform are connected most of all with levelling the effects of high dynamics of changes of prices for electricity in the energy market.

A business client who uses POI gains the following advantages:

  • freedom of decision making concerning purchase of energy – based on any criteria whatsoever, according to his own strategy (in annual, quarterly or monthly perspective);
  • access to current prices at the power exchange and the possibility of observing these changes;
  • a contract with Energa Obrót for purchase of the declared volume at a specific time (without defining the process for energy);
  • assistance and support of a business counsellor of Energa Obrót.

The Indexed Offers Platform offers to a business client:

  • simple service – easy purchase by means of an intuitive platform available on most of the Internet browsers;
  • transparency – owing to shaping of prices of energy based on the quotations at Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A.;
  • flexibility of purchase – possibility to buy energy in tranches, whose number is only limited by exhaustion of the declared volume;
  • lower risk – owing to a single and quick purchase system, which limits the additional cost of risk evaluation caused by price changes at TGE.
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