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Welcome to Our Booth C1.17 at Solar Energy Expo Poland 2022| BENY Electric

In order to establish valuable contacts with producers, distributors, and representatives in the field of renewable energy, and to effectively understand the current market needs, BENY decided to participate in Solar Energy Expo Poland 2022 to showcase our solar photovoltaic, battery energy storage, and EV charging one-stop solutions to the public. BENY's booth C1.17 will feature our newest product lines for the Polish market, such as the Firefighter Safety Switch BFS-S, Top-rate EV Chargers, microinverter, and other PV protection products.

Solar Energy Expo is an international trade fair for the renewable energy industry. It is a two-day event attended by exhibitors from Poland and abroad to present innovative solutions for the industry. The fair is an excellent opportunity to meet specialists and establish business contacts, as well as enable the promotion and sale of equipment in the field of solar, wind, water, geothermal, biomass energy, and EV electromobility.

Since 2021, Europe has experienced a hike in energy prices. The Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has further affected the energy markets, causing new increases of energy prices and concerns over the EU’s ability to secure its energy supply. With the geopolitical conflicts and the worsening of the traditional energy crisis, Europe’s energy prices are soaring. To this end, EU countries are committed to the goals of the European Green Deal. The European Green Deal is the EU’s strategy for reaching its 2050 climate goal. These include supporting the development and use of clean energy, revising CO 2 emission standards for cars and trucks, and supporting the development of electric vehicles and etc. At the social production level, people have begun to pay more attention to the new energy industry, and a series of processes such as research and development, production, and distribution of new energy products are also running in an orderly manner.

BENY has insight into the development trend of new energy, has begun to vigorously promote the research and development process of PV and EV chargers series, and is interested in showing our products and services to more consumers. Not long ago, we participated in the Intersolar exhibition in Munich, Germany, at the exhibition, the booth of BENY Electric was crowded with people, and the BFS series Module level Rapid Shutdown, which is widely used in Europe, became the most eye-catching module level RSD safety product on site.


BENY’s new customized distributed energy security control + new energy vehicle charging solution for the European market-Solar PV + EV Charging. BENY PV + solution solves the safety guarantee of power transmission from renewable energy to new energy vehicles and has been favored by many customers. In the fast-growing European new energy vehicle charging field, BENY and dozens of partners have launched an innovative microgrid dynamic balance charging solution–EV Chargers + Dynamic Load Balancing+Full Protection. When the Users are using BENY EV+ solution, there’s no need to modify the original power supply line, the charger will dynamically adjust the charging power according to the current usage of the microgrid, so as to realize a safe and efficient charging application in the complex grid environment.


At the same time, BENY’s latest micro-inverters will also make their debut at the show.  A microinverter is a solar inverter technology that is mounted on each individual solar panel. Microinverters have the ability to achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT) at the module level, which has advantages over centralized inverters. This allows the overall output power to be maximized by optimizing the output power of each module. BENY microinverters offer many advantages, such as rapid shutdown, flexibility in panel layout, and module-level monitoring and diagnostics. You can get more from your installation with BENY microinverters. We believe our micro inverters will bring you more surprises and choices.

We are excited and look forward to the personal exchange with you at our stand in C1.17 at Solar Energy Expo Poland 2022.  For more details, please contact us ahead at

And looking forward to meeting you there.

Date:May 25 – May 26 2022    10:00 – 17:00

Booth: C1.17

Address:Ptak Warsaw Expo, Al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn, mazowieckie, Poland

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