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PSE S.A. informs on the conclusion of the tendering procedure for the supply and implementation of the Electricity Balancing Market Management System in Poland

PSE S.A. informs on the conclusion of the tendering procedure for the supply and implementation of the Electricity Balancing Market Management System in Poland (hereinafter: MMS). The winning offer was submitted by ABB Sp. z o.o. (hereafter: ABB), which offered to supply and implement the MMS for the amount of PLN 34.2 mln PLN (including VAT). PSE is planning to formally enter into the agreement with ABB by the end of 2017, allowing the MMS implementation project to start at the beginning of January 2018.

Can capacity market really help Polish coal power plants to survive?

Prof. Pantelis Capros for According to our forecasts, most existing hard coal- and lignite-fuelled power plants will continue to rank ahead of CCGT facilities until close to 2030 in terms of variable operating costs, even considering the ETS prices. However, the time horizon until 2030 is too short for the business viability of a new lignite/coal investment.

New Draft Law re. Wind Farm Investments

On 19 February 2016 a draft Wind Farm Investment Act (Draft Act) was filed with the Polish Parliament by a group of MPs from the ruling party.

Situation on Polish-German border poses threat of European blackout

The situation on the Polish-German border poses a threat of an uncontrolled outage of the grid in the EU, in a scale comparable to the infamous collapse of the western European power system in November 2006, Polish power grid operator warns in a report. The Polish government is asking the EU energy commissioner for help.

Report : Renewable Investments in Poland 2016 - Onshore Wind & Photovoltaic

The report at hand provides investors, banks and project planners with crucial information about the new Polish auction scheme for renewable energy sources (RES).


PGE power to shift away from coal

Poland's biggest power concern, state-run Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) has recently written off some PLN 9 bln (EUR 2.1 bln) in a revaluation of its key power plants and plans to revise its business strategy. The group will scale down investments, attempt to cut costs and place more focus on the diversification of the fuel mix. 

What will Poland's 2030 renewables target look like?

Despite the provisions on the key share of lignite and hard coal in the energy mix, Poland will continue to increase the share of renewables also after 2020. To what extent – that is yet to be determined as haggling over the exact target share of renewables is still underway. Below, we present concepts that have been discussed by the governmental teams as well as the forecasts commissioned by the Economy Ministry.

President Duda – little promise of change for energy policy lines

Opposing climate policy, defending coal industry employees and diversifying natural gas supplies – these are political declarations of Poland's president-elect. Then there are also the declarations of Duda’a party PiS to consider: tilting at windmills, poor support for Poland’s nuclear power plant and for prosumer energy sector. The new president stands for the continuation along the lines of energy policy of PO-PSL government.

Is Polish coal doomed to extinction?

I know that changes in Poland will be painful in the short term, but it’s better to prepare the ground for them already. It’s important to learn from other countries’ experiences - says Philip Garner, Director General of Coal Pro, the confederation of UK coal producers in an interview on what went wrong in the UK's coal mining sector and what can happen in Poland.

Polish RES auctions only in 2016-2018?

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland estimates that renewable energy auctions will take place only in the period between year 2016 and 2018. Investors can expect energy sales at 320-470 PLN per MWh. But the auctions may not be organized for everyone - according to information obtained by the Energy Legislation Observer of the website.

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